Growth Capability

Maturity Tool

A tool to measure capabilities for growth in young technology scale-ups. 

Find out what capabilities form the foundation of your firm's scalability and get input for your next strategy session!


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Are you ready for scale?

This tool is inspired by the need to help bridge the gap between academic research and practical relevance

Based on co-created academic research and practical experiences of tech-entrepreneurs.
Contains in-paper tool and exercises, as well as access to online automated tool.
Provides real-life examples from well-known entrepreneurs around the world.
Uses illustrative case examples to guide usability of the tool for multiple practitioners (see below).
DTK - Cover 3
It was a nice exercise to do which helped me see the company and the team with more insight that is not often seen on a daily basis.

Founder and serial entrepreneur,

Participant in pilot study

Who is this Guide for?

Entrepreneurship support organizations

For entrepreneurship support organizations, this tool is an instrument to complement an initial assessment for better understanding the needs of supported firms as well as increasing mutual transparency.


Challenge yourself, as an entrepreneur and/or a (founder-)manager to step back from day-to-day operations and look at your firm from a different perspective. Use these insights to guide you in looking for the right answers and finding the right support when needed.

Young and growing Technology-based

Already scaling (and doing so fast)?

Use this tool to engage employees from all over the firm to gain a multi-level view on how your firm is doing and create a base for improvement through creative and constructive discussion.